GRUPPO GB with GB HORSE designed the water horse walker GB Water for unpacking, rehabilitation and training of horses.

The water beneficial action tones and strengthens the muscles, while relaxing the horse.

The tank can be round or oval shape, either underground or above ground.

GB Acqua can be used even in the coldest seasons by means of adequate coverage with a covered rod or corridor and a water and air heating system.

Main features:

  • Prefabricated tank in panels designed for the insertion of circulation accessories.

  • Powerful water filtration system complete with disinfection to ensure hygiene and health.

  • Electric panel in manual version or programmable touch screen.

  • Automatic safety device stops the rotation of the carousel in the presence of any anomaly.

  • Exclusive emptying/filling system for fast water level adjustment according to the work needs.




  • Hydromassage system for horse relaxation after training.
  • Device for running against the current for a higher resistance to the advancement in water and therefore a greater toning of the muscles.
  • Heating system / water cooling can maintain a constant temperature

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Uffici e Produzione:
via Caltana 129/A 35011 Campodarsego (Pd)
+39 049 817 11 26
P.IVA/C.F. 04782350286


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