Casette da giardino

Che stiate pensando ad una casetta da giardino in legno, in intonachino o in fibrocemento, GB Outdoor  le progettata per voi su misura, con un design moderno e sofisticato.

GB Outdoor assicura tutta la qualità di materiali solidi e robusti che azzerano costi di manutenzione garantendo eccezionale resistenza nel tempo.

La casette da giardino non sono più solo un ricovero per attrezzi ma diventano vere e proprie dependance da sfruttare tutto l'anno!

Una casetta da giardino moderna da un valore aggiunto alla vostra casa e vi permetterà di godervi il vostro spazio all'aperto in autentico relax!


A bestseller in GB GROUP and GB OUTDOOR: the CUBE Garden Shed!

Mad-to-measure according to the needs of each customer, it has modern and clean lines: a minimal design that is well suited to contemporary gardens.

The coating is made of ecological fiber cement, a durable and versatile building material, available in different finishes.

Features of ecological fiber cement:

  • Fire resistance: these types of coatings are classified in A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1 which is one of the best classifications obtainable.
  • Low maintenance: Environmentally friendly fiber cement does not rot and lasts longer than traditional coating materials. It does not contain metals, so it does not rust. Thanks to its thermal stability it does not deform in high temperatures.
  • Resistance to the harshest weather conditions: Environmentally friendly fibre cement is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. It does not fear severe frosts and torrential rains. It has a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.
  • Light weight and mechanical strength: Environmentally friendly fibre cement is lighter than cement, but has the same performance advantages.


GRUPPO GB with GB OUTDOOR has always made wooden garden sheds.

With classic country lines or more modern design: the wooden garden shed is an excellent opportunity to enhance your garden.

Garden sheds are often used as a space to store any object for which there would be no place in the house, but now they are no longer just a shelter for tools...

Our wooden garden sheds have become real outbuildings to enjoy all year round!

You can finally have your greenhouse, study, laboratory or relaxation area, maybe a small SPA with sauna, the limit is your imagination!



Among the most appreciated by customers GRUPPO GB with GB Outdoor there is definitely the garden shed with portal.

With modern and linear lines, this garden shed is made finished with lime plaster that gives the possibility of completely customized finishes and colors.

The use of plaster allows you to align the garden shed to the rest of your home, creating a homogeneous and cohesive outdoor space, offering an original and effective aesthetic that gives added value to the garden of your home.

At the same time, the lime plaster (which was created as a coating intended mainly for the construction of external surfaces for protection and aesthetic purposes) makes the garden shed robust and durable over time, without the need for maintenance.

Very popular as a dressing room (pool house) it fits perfectly to become a sauna, technical room, tool shelter or outdoor laundry.

We carefully select the best raw materials and produce in our factories to ensure all the quality of the true Made in Italy.



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